Piper's Pets FAQ's

1. How long have you been pet sitting?

Piper's Pets has been in existence since the summer of 2004. 

2.  Does my pet have to be "special needs" for you to care for him?

Of course not!  Liza cares for  healthy cats and cats with medical issues. Neil  cares for healthy, active  pets and handles the daily dog walks.

3. Do you provide references?

Yes, we are happy to provide references after our initial "get to know you visit."  In the meantime, though, if you would like more information about us please access our reviews at the local yahoo page:  Piper's Pets reviews

4.  What do you do when you're visiting my pet?

Well, we do the things you do.  We feed your pet, exercise her, give her any necessary medications, give her lots of love, and spend time playing or cuddling and enjoying her.

5.  I've never used a pet sitter before.  Will my animal be stressed while I'm away? 

Our goal is that your animal will enjoy the comfort of his or her own home in the care of people who truly love and respect pets. Your loved one will be happy, safe, and secure.   

6.  Can I call you and check on my pet?  

Please do!   We will contact you, too, if we have any concerns.  It means a lot to us that you love your pets so much that you call,  text, or email  to check on their welfare.

7.  How many visits a day do you recommend?  

 All cats need at least  1  visit a day;  however,  many pet parents prefer more.  If we are caring for your dog while you are away, we require at least  2 visits a day.  Please be aware that all pet  visits take place between  7am and 6pm, unless your pet requires a timed medication such as insulin.  
Our care for dogs primarily consists of daily  walks, rather than pet sitting, unless there is a special situation.  We do not ordinarily provide late evening dog walks.

8.  Do you ever look after dogs who are left outside?  

No. Your dog needs to be contained in the house for safety reasons.

9.  What about structural or invisible fencing?

In the past we have sometimes cared for dogs contained by fencing,  provided they were chipped and wearing collars with ID tags. We have found, however, that any kind of fencing can malfunction, leaving pets vulnerable to predators and traffic.  Giving pets unsupervised access to the outdoors is just not worth the risk of an injured loved one  and a broken heart.   Since we all want your dogs  to remain safe,  comfortable, and happy, let's just keep them inside.

10. Can my cats go outside when they are in your care?    

No.  We will keep all cats indoors so that we--and you-- can be assured of their safety.   Sorry, this issue is non-negotiable.

11.   Can you share pet sitting responsibilities with my neighbor/friend/relative?  

 Our insurance company (Business Insurers of the Carolinas) doesn't allow that.  For our insurance coverage to work, we must be completely in charge of caring for your pet.  

12.  Will you and Neil truly be our only pet sitters?  

Yes, we will be your only pet sitters!  We do not use contractors.  Pet sitting for your companion animal is too dear, important, and fun for us to risk somebody else coming in.  

13.  What's the best way to get in touch with you and Neil?

You can email us or you can call us: 
Neil's cell is (919)233-1085.
Liza's cell is (919)395-6911. 

Please give us a call!