About Piper's Pets

About Liza, Neil, and Piper

Liza Koomen (the writer of this page) is a pet sitter specializing in caring for healthy and special-needs cats.  Neil, my husband, handles our pet sitting business needs and the daily dog walks.  Piper is our little schnoodle--half miniature poodle and half miniature schnauzer--for whom Piper's Pets is named. We live together along with our big shepherd mix, Tiger; our six cats:  Sweetie, Fanny, Eva, Adam, Lucky, and Sonny; and a handsome little parrot, Harley Green Bean.  Our home is a happy place and VERY full of life.

Neil and I are experienced in caring for pets in all kinds of situations, and empathize with the comfort they feel in staying in their own homes when their families are away. We take great joy in animals and have room in our hearts to care for all kinds of pets, each in our own way. Together we promise to give your special friend the loving, gentle, consistent, and trustworthy care he or she needs.

What can we do for your pets?

Liza started Piper's Pets in 2004.  Neil joined a couple of years later. Many of the pets we care for have medical issues such as cancer, diabetes; heart and kidney problems; allergies; arthritis, and difficulties that arise with old age. We are certified for animal first aid, insured and bonded, and hold membership in the National Association of Professional Pet Sitters. For us, caring for pets is a labor of love.  

When we are caring your pet, Neil and I will carefully follow your instructions regarding your pet in his home.  We are experienced in giving pills, insulin, subcutaneous fluids, and many other medications--as well as playing, cuddling, and gently spoiling cats and dogs. We will make sure your pet gets the loving care you want it to have.  That's the joy in spending time with companion animals!

What is Liza's background?

I grew up in rural Henderson County, NC.  My family had lots of animals over the years, including dogs, cats, horses, ponies, raccoons, turtles, fish, garden snakes, and the occasional foundling baby bird.  Pets were a huge part of our lives.  After Neil and I married, our first cat, Mayberry, nearing the end of a long and happy life, was diagnosed with lymphoma.  Mayberry was about 16 at the time of his diagnosis; he gently lived to 18 1/2.  During his  long illness I learned a great deal about giving him fluids and chemo, and stimulating his fickle appetite.  I learned that if you really love your pet, you do what it takes to keep him comfortable and secure, even if it's difficult.  Yes, I did indeed sleep under the bed with him.  My back will never be the same!  Our experience with Mayberry stimulated in me an interest in comforting and caring for pets with medical issues.  Since then, I have cared for many, many pets in a variety of circumstances.  Each of those animals has found a special place in my heart. 

In recent years, I have continued my pet education (I have an unrelated BA in Theater and MA in English) with classes in Reiki (Level 3); massage; and with NCSU vet med school and other outreach classes in topics such as geriatric care, end of life care, pain management, nutrition, and disaster preparation.  One thing I have realized in doing this wonderful job is that caring for animals encourages to me want to learn more.  If you and your cat need me to know "it,"  I will work hard
to find a way.

Hey, isn't Neil from around here...?

Neil grew up in Raleigh. He graduated from Broughton High School and earned a BA in English from NCSU. For many years, Neil was employed as a technical writer/editor in RTP but, finally  (to my great happiness), he succumbed to Piper's Pets' need for a business manager and dog walker. As his wife for over 30 years, I can tell you that he is a gentle, loving caregiver as well as a diligent business guy. Plus, canines think he is super fun:  Mr. K. always respects a dog's "diggity!"  And when Neil walks a dog, that dog walks here, there, and all over the place.  Nap-time (possibly for both) is guaranteed on your pup's return.